Wednesday, December 30, 2009

blogger on strike!

ok, so I am still stuck with the blog thing... I am going to have a lot to post once I get it going again. Anyway, just so you know I am not quitting... I am just stuck and haven't had the time to deal with it. Hope everyone had a great Christmas and have a wonderful 2010!!
If you are really good with computers and have a lot of free time (ha ha ha) please feel free to come over and get me out of this mess!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Bat is Out!

Did I ever tell you... they used to call me the bat around here? we do have this crazy upside down life, but that's not why... I love to garden at night, I take my light and go : ) tonight though it was more of a relaxing thing, I picked some pears and veggies and just relaxed and enjoyed the fall coolness I love so much. Took these pictures too.
Look at all these Japanese pears ( I've always called them oriental pears but my neighbor just told me tonight they are Japanese Pears ) They look like apples and taste like pears, they are very crunchy and juicy.

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I love my yard at night time...

It was so nice and cool tonight, I love it!
I ended up picking the pears and also some veggies and herbs... rosemary and basil to dry. They smell so good.Posted by Picasa

Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Ed!

Ed turned 50 on the 13th...
We had a surprise birthday dinner at the Cheese Cake Factory a couple of days before with his Dad and brothers and sisters. It was so fun to get together and to celebrate Ed's birthday. On his actual birthday we also had a little surprise celebration at the house with some family and friends.
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Our long table, we had a good time together!!

Ed and his brother Eric, look at that Ferrari hat... he loved it.
Jack and Jackie... made it posible to surprise Ed. He thougth we were going to dinner with them only : )
...with Karen and Randy, my sister in law and bro. in law.Posted by Picasa

The fam...
With my sisters (in law) Ravenna and Doreen.
Ed, Randy and I.
happy birthday to you.... Posted by Picasa

yeah it's his cake but I get to do the honors...
My bro. in law Randy and I with our glasses on showing our support to Ed's new age. : )

Saying good bye..Posted by Picasa